How to Increase SD Card Speed?

Are you distressed with slow speed of your SD card and looking for a tool to improve its performance? here comes an end for your problem. You will come to know about an easy, simple and effective way to resolve this problem in a few clicks of mouse with the use of tool described in this article. Slow speed of SD card, can irritate you there is no doubt about it, but, luckily Remo MORE can address this problem in an effective manner.

Why the speed of SD card becomes slow?

The speed of SD card becomes slow because of following reasons:

  • The main reason why speed of SD card becomes slow is accumulation of junk data on your system. If your SD card is full then its performance goes down than what it is supposed to be.
  • There is another possible reason which de-optimize the performance of SD card is fragmentation of data stored on it.
  • Corruption of SD card due to virus infection can also lead to slow speed of SD card. Generally, in virus or malware attack, file system of SD card is modified in an ill manner, which leads to decay in its performance.

What are the disadvantages of slow speed of SD card?

Speed of SD card matters a lot when you are using it in your digital camera or phones. Especially it creates a problem during capturing video or image. It decreases the performance of device which is using this SD card. Apart from this it takes a lot of time when you want to transfer data to and from SD card for back up purpose.

How to improve the Speed of SD card?

To get rid of all the above mentioned problems you should keep defragmenting your SD card on a regular basis so that all its fragmented data could be located in a contagious location. If your SD card data is defragmented, then speed of your card will improve.  One other way to improve the speed of SD card is by removing all the junk files or folder which is unnecessarily dwelling over there on your SD card. You can search and locate all useless data of SD card and delete them manually. But, executing these steps to improve the performance and speed of SD card manually is a bit cumbersome task.  Thus to fix these issue effortlessly in just a few clicks of mouse, you should employ an automated application. If you are in search of such type of tool then Remo MORE is excellent software, which is developed with the aim to improve the speed of SD card by sorting all type of issues which are responsible for low speed of SD card.

Remo MORE is appreciated across the globe by many software industry experts. MORE suit has a unique algorithm which makes it very useful in scanning and fixing issues of SD card in a very less span of time. Go ahead and just make use of MORE software which is available for free.

Steps to speed up SD card:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software launch it. After launching the software select "Manage" option from main window. Select "Drive Defrag" option from the second screen as shown in figure1.

How to Speed up SD Card - Select Privacy Cleaner

Figure 1: Select Privacy Cleaner

Step2: Select SD card and tap on "Analyze" button. The software will start analyzing SD card as shown in Figure 2.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Analyzing Screen

Step3: On completion of analyzing process, you can see the detailed report of fragmented data as shown in Figure 3.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Detailed Analysis Complete

Step4: Click on "Next" and choose Quick Defragmentation Mode as shown in Figure 4. From the next screen, choose Defrag Full Drive or choose particular file types that you want to defrag.

How to Defrag Hard Drive - Select Defragmentation Method