Best Program to Lock Android Phone Applications

Android phone has revolutionized the world and has become buzzword of mobile industry. Now -a-days, more and more users are falling in love with Android phone due to its exiciting features. One of the most exciting reasons why mobile phone user’s interest highly inclined towards the Android phone, is the amazing application it provides to the users. Android phones come with a lot of exciting, attractive and entertaining applications inbuilt with phone. Most of the users use these applications in their spare time to entertain themselves.

One of the main concerns at the top of the mobile users’ mind is security of these applications. There are certain instances where you might need security of your Android phone applications. One of those is keep prying eye away from your apps. Sometimes, you might hand over your Android phone to someone so they can view a picture on it or can make a call. In such situations, there is always a chance that they can access your app which you do not want them to use or access. But, fortunately, there are certain methods to keep your Android phone application away from unauthorized users. One of such method is to make use of Remo MORE. Android developer have come up with solution of this problem in the form of Remo MORE which can easily perform Android phone app lock operation and protect it from being accessed by third person without your permission.

How to Lock Apps on Android phones Using Remo MORE?

If you want to perform android phone app lock process using Remo MORE, then do not worry it is very simple to lock applications on Android phones. All you need to do is browse and locate the apps on your phone; rest of the task will be performed by Remo MORE automatically. It will use its complex and robust algorithm and generates a reliable password to lock your app. Once your app is locked with password it is hard to break by guess. Thus, unless you do not have right password you won’t be able to access apps on your phone.

Why Remo More to Lock Apps on Android Phones?

Remo MORE is brain child of highly qualified software professionals .Based on my personal experience, without hesitation, I can say that Remo MORE is the best of its kind and its highly sophisticated algorithm makes it stand out of crowd and unique. It has a very nice and elegant user interface which gives it upper edge to it compared to its entire contemporary Android phone applications locker. Thus, I would recommend you that if you are looking for a program to lock Android phone applications, then do not waste your time go ahead and download Remo MORE from internet it is completely free of cost. It means to lock apps on Android phones you need not pay even a single rupee.

In addition with this you can also use Remo MORE to lock files or folders on your Android phone and can protect it from unauthorized access. For example if you have private video or pictures which you do not want to share with others then Remo MORE can lock it and secure it from unauthorized access.

Steps to lock Applications on Android Smartphone:

Step 1: In order to lock apps on Android phones, download and install Remo MORE on your Android phone. After this, launch the tool and select “Manage” option from main screen and then select “Locker” option as shown in Figure 1.

Lock Apps on Android Phones - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, from this screen you have to select “Apps” option in order to lock applications on Android phones as shown in Figure 2.

Lock Apps on Android Phones - Select Apps Option

Figure 2:Select Apps Option

Step 3: After this, select apps that you want to lock from upcoming windows and click on Next button as shown in the Figure 3.

Lock Apps on Android Phones - Select Applications to Lock

Figure 3: Select Applications to Lock

Step 4: Once the Android phone App lock process is over, you can view the locked app marked with lock icon against it as shown in Figure 4.

Lock Apps on Android Phones - Application Locked

Figure 4: Application Locked