Best Tool to Lock Videos on iPad

Do you have private videos on your iPad which you do not want to share with others? Are you looking for a tool to protect your private videos from unauthorized users? If so, then be cool and calm. Here in this article you will come to know about one of the most important and widely accepted tool, which is known as Remo MORE that can easily lock video files on iPad and protect them from data theives or intruders. Remo MORE is recommended by many software professionals and also it is widely accepted by various customers due to its superb performance. One can password protect videos on iPad and rest assured with their data privacy.

Why to lock video files on iPad?

There could be many reasons why you need to lock videos on iPad device. First and most important one is to achieve privacy. Let me clarify this point with an example - Suppose you have captured videos of your family function which you do not want others to see, then it is a good idea to lock the recorded video file on your iPad. By locking you can ensure that nobody can access this video file without your knowledge or permission. Apart from privacy reason, if you have a video which is related to your business and if it gets exposed to outer world then it may put your business at the center of an unexpected danger. Thus, it is better to lock such type of crucial and sensitive videos on your iPad. For accomplishing this task, Remo MORE comes handy as it can lock iPad videos with must efficiency.

How to lock iPad videos?

When it comes to lock your sensitive video files on iPad, then you need to draw support of third party software that can lock your video files with password in a reliable manner. Files locked with password could not be accessed by third person unless they have its password.

Remo MORE is a tool which is designed and developed by veteran software professional that can easily lock your video files on your iPad with ease. It is developed with a unique algorithm which generates a very strong and robust password that is impossible to crack by guess. It has attractive user interface that makes it very special and gives a special dimension of identity to it. When you launch this tool on your iPad, it asks you to select video file by browsing it on your iPad which you want to lock. You can select multiple files at once and lock them in just one go using this tool.This application does not requires any special skills to handle ita and anyone with no technical knowledge can use it in a very simple manner. One of the best things about this wonderful tool is that it comes absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from internet within a fraction of seconds. If you are planning to lock video files on iPad then try out our Remo MORE without any hesitation.

Steps to lock video files on iPad:

  1. In order to lock videos on iPad, download and install Remo MORE on your iPad and the launch it. Now, from main screen select Manage option and then choose Locker option to lock iPad videos as shown in figure 1. As soon as clicking on Locker option, you will get the main screen, from here set the Master Password.
  2. From this screen, you have to select "Private Photos & Videos" option from next screen to lock video files on iPad as shown in figure 1.
  3. Lock Video Files on iPad - Select My Videos Option

  4. Select "My Videos" option by clicking on forward arrow in front of it as shown in Figure 2.
  5. Video Locker for iPhone - Select My Videos Option

  6. You will get a list of video files, select the one which you want to lock as shown in Figure 3

  7. Video Locker for iPhone - Select Video File