Recover Micro SD card Data

Micro SD card is the most useful and powerful multimedia storage device. This small chip is highly capable for storing multimedia files in smart phones, mobile phones, video game consoles, hand held GPS devices and other electronic devices that support Micro Secure Digital technology. Micro SD cards are the type of SD cards. As per the name, these cards are very small in size. Micro SD cards are generally used for mini sized smart phones and other portable electronic devices like Wireless music headphones, iPods, etc. The storage capacity of Micro SD card ranges from 64MB to 2GB.

SDXC card recovery tool finds solution for Micro SD card recovery and also helps to restore audio, video or image files from SD card. This is the ultimate solution for recovering all type of media files. It will allow you to retrieve files from SDXC card, SD card and SDHC card. Visit homepage using this link

Reasons for deletion of data from Micro SD card are mentioned below:

  • Formatting Micro SD card: If you formatted your Micro SD card accidentally then your stored files will get lost from its destination location. Chances of recovering all data are very high if your card gets formatted either in camera or on your system, as long as the card was not used after the last format. This is because of the fact that the formatting process never actually deletes the file from the memory card; it simply tags the card as “available” and makes it ready for writing process.
  • Interruption during transfer process: Any interruption that occurs during the transfer process is responsible for data loss. Due to this, SD card fails to read and write any file stored on that particular card. This is where an error message pops-up on the screen of your camera, indicating that the data could not be written to the card. Power surge, virus attack, scratches on the card, synchronization error, etc. are some of the interrupting factors responsible for creating interruption at the time when your files are getting transferred. Under all these circumstances, your data gets lost from the stored location. By using the SDXC card recovery software you can retrieve files from corrupted SD card in just couple of minutes.
  • Accidental deletion: If you accidentally deleted files from the card either on the camera or on your system, then all the stored files will get lost from its specific location. Pressing Delete All button while previewing or erasing unwanted file from Micro SD card is the most common reason accountable for accidental deletion. You cannot recover it back until and unless you use reliable recovery software that efficiently recovers deleted items from Micro SD card. Chances of SDXC card recovery are very high because the actual files never get erased from the disk.
  • Virus attack: It has been observed that the viruses are responsible for erasing most of the files from your Micro SD card. Virus attack is very dangerous for SD card because it not only corrupts your SD card but also deletes all important files from SD card. Once your card gets influenced by any harmful virus then you would not be able to protect your stored data from getting lost or corrupted. With the help of this wonderful utility you can even recover files from corrupted SD card. Wanna know how this tool works for corrupted SD card then hop over to this site.

It is essential that you should take some precautionary measures in order to avoid such circumstances. Precautionary measures are helpful for protecting all your healthy files from getting deleted or lost. Few important precautionary steps are mentioned below:

  • Don’t press ‘Delete All’ button for deleting files. Select the appropriate files and then delete it by pressing Delete All button.
  • Never try to store any important file on a corrupted of broken Micro SD card in order to protect it from getting deleted.
  • Never transfer any file if there is a continuous power fluctuation.
  • Keep updated antivirus in your system. Scan your system from time to time without fail and also scan Micro SD card before storing and transferring file.

Some common features of SDXC card recovery tool which are used to recover Micro SD card are:

  • It is highly compatible with all the well-known and widely used Windows and Mac operating system. It helps to recover files SDHC card Mac as well as Windows.
  • The software can recover data from flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), FireWire Drives, iPods, USB external drives etc. If your xD card is corrupted, and you want to recover photos from it, then just follow this link:
  • Supports recovery of deleted files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+ file system.
  • Capable of restoring deleted / lost pictures from popular brands such as Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Kodak, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Samsung etc. It retrieves photos from SDHC card in few simple steps.

Steps to recover Micro SD card are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Micro SD card recovery tool. Once it gets installed in your system you need to click on icon in order to launch it. Then choose “RECOVER PHOTOS” from the main window.

SDXC Card Recovery- Main Window

Step 2: Choose from “RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS” from the next window. Then select the micro SD card from where you need to recover data, and then click on ‘NEXT’ for scanning process.

SDXC Card Recovery- Select recover deleted photos

Step 3: Then select the required file type that needs to be recovered. If you don’t want to select file type then you can move on by clicking ‘Skip’ or if you want to select the file type then click on ‘Next’. After complete processing, your files get recovered; you can easily preview the list of recovered files.

SDXC Card Recovery- Select file type

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