How to Recover SDHC Card on Mac?

SDHC card is widely used over other SD cards because of its small size and maximum storage capacity of 32 GB. As the demand for High Definition pictures and videos has increased, these SDHC cards are used by most of digital cameras and camcorders. It is used in various devices including personal computers and mobile phones to transfer and store a huge amount of data; thus chances of the card getting corrupted are more while using a same card on different devices. You could have also faced the situation, wherein, you are not able to access the photos stored on the SDHC card or some of the data is not visible on the card. Such data are said to be lost because it is not deleted from the SDHC card.

It is important that you find tool that can attempt to relieve you from lost / deleted files on SDHC card. When you are looking for SDHC card recovery Mac, you need to find a solution that can recover your files from the location from where you "lost" them. Card Recovery tool is one of the finest software for SDXC card recovery because it can recover any data file, including images, audios, videos etc. This software can recover almost all type of photo files starting from generic photo files to RAW photo files of various professional digital cameras deleted / lost from Macintosh operating system. Therefore, this software can also be considered as it restores files from SDXC card.

Data loss scenarios of SDHC card on Mac are as follows:

  • Accidental file deletion: You may accidentally delete files from SDHC card stored in digital cameras, mobile phones or iPods by pressing “Delete All” button while previewing or accidentally emptying Trash without checking your deleted files which are important to you
  • Formatting SDHC card: You may delete multimedia files by accidentally formatting the SDHC card using format option on the digital camera or on Mac operating system. Your entire important file gets deleted if the format option gets pressed by you unknowingly. Once your card gets formatted, you will not be able to restore all deleted files back to its specific location.
  • Lost / deleted files during transfer: Files might get deleted / lost while transferring from SDHC card to Mac based PC. It happens due to interruption during transfer process. Continuous power fluctuation, synchronization error, virus attack are some of the most prominent interrupting factors responsible for deletion of important files during transfer process.
  • Storing or transferring files when the camera is low on battery: If you store or transfer any files from your Mac computer to the SDHC card at the time when your camera is low on battery then there are chances that your files may get deleted. Due to low battery, it may happen that some of your files get transferred incompletely and some of them get deleted if your camera turns off unexpectedly.

Basic features of SDHC card recovery tool are as under:

The software performs rigorous scanning of SDHC card with the assistance of built-in sophisticated algorithms, and then it searches the data that gets deleted or lost due to corruption in SDHC card or due any other reason. It also helps to recover files from corrupted SD card in few simple steps.

The software has a file type database that includes approximately 300 file signatures of pictures, music files & videos. Based on the selection of file types, it performs SDXC card recovery of the selected file formats. With the help of this amazing tool you can even recover deleted files from camera SD card. If you want to know that how this tool recovers deleted picture files from SD card then follow this hyperlink.  

It supports the recovery of photos of various file types including popular formats and also the raw photo formats of professional DSLRs and digital cameras. The recovery utility has the capability to recover photos from SDHC card on Canon Power shot, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Kodak and various other digital cameras & camcorders. The software is strongly recommended by different recovery experts & organizations for the lost data SDXC card recovery because it supports a wide range of brands that manufactures several kinds of SD card including SDHC cards.

It has won various accolades for its ability to retrieve lost data from SanDisk SDHC cards, Transcend, Kingston, A-DATA, Verbatim and many more cards. Using this fabulous utility you can even recover files from android device SD card. To know how visit this page.

The software supports lost data recovery on SDHC cards with FAT/NTFS/HFS partitions; it can be used on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. The software is widely accepted by various organizations and it easily recover files from Micro SD card, Mini SD card, SDHC, and also CF cards. For more details, refer

Tips to get rid of data loss from SDHC card on Mac:

  • To prevent losing files from a SDHC card you need to have a complete copy of files as backup to restore it when you suffer from loss.
  • Always safely remove the SDHC card from your computer.
  • Have an up to date anti-virus program to remove harmful virus from computer.
  • Avoid making use of the same SDHC card in different electronic devices.

These instructions also prove beneficial to avoid loss of data from SDXC card. In case you have formatted your Kingston SDXC card of 128 GB then you can retrieve data from Kingston SDXC 128 GB card which is formatted with the support of this application. In addition to Kingston SDXC card, the tool also supports other brands like SanDisk, Transcend, etc, Thus, if you want to know how to recover videos from SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC card, then this recovery app proves to be useful.

Steps to recover SDHC card files are as follows:

Step 1: Connect the SDHC card to your Mac based computer and then download and install free demo version of SDHC card recovery software. Run the application and select the “RECOVER PHOTOS” from main window.

SDXC Card Recovery- Main Window

Step 2: Choose either “RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS” or “RECOVER LOST PHOTOS” from the next screen. Then, select the SDHC card from which the data needs to be recovered and select scan option to recover deleted / lost data. Once the scanning is over, preview the recovered data.

SDXC Card Recovery- Select either recover deleted photos or recover lost photos

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