Wipe Free Space on SD Card

Secure Digital simply called as SD card, it is a type of flash memory card primarily used to save data on portable electronic gadgets such as PDA’s, mobile phones, Digital Cameras, MP3 players, camcorders, GPS, Tablets etc. This card is widely used in these popular portable devices because they consumes less battery consumption and offers high data transfer compared to any other memory card types.

SD cards allow users to store and save many of their important files and folders such as their favorite songs, memorable videos, documents, movies, precious pictures and many others. However, the data on these tiny cards is not fully secured. There is always a chance of misusing the files present on your SD card which results in lot of unforeseen problems. Adding to this, as the storage capacity of your SD card increases the speed of your portable device decreases. Hence, if you are looking for a way to wipe free space on SD card, then your search ends here! After reading this article you’ll get to know an application that will help you wipe SD card free space in a very short amount of time.

Now, you might be thinking that you can make free space on your SD card manually with the help of “Delete” or “Format” operation, so why do you need an application? You are not one who is having such queries, as many SD card users ask the same question. However the answer to your question is rather simple, whenever you delete or format your SD card the contents of it are not permanently erased only the pointers pointing to the files are removed, which means that the actual data is still present on your SD card and can be recovered back with the help of third party recovery software. Anybody with cruel intentions can easily recover all lost data due to delete or format and exploit it to their advantage. But, with the help of reliable and trustworthy software such as “Remo MORE”, you easily wipe free space on your SD card beyond recovery.

SD card Wiper Software:

Remo MORE is an all in one SD card wiper utility that helps users to easily wipe free space on SD card in just a matter of few mouse clicks. This tool uses the most advanced shredding patters that aid you in wiping free disk space on SD card and in turn making the card faster and more reliable. Furthermore the program also helps in wiping free space on other media storage such as flash drives, USB drives, portable external hard drive, memory cards and many others.

Why Remo MORE?

Remo MORE is best to use while wiping SD card free space because this tool offers its users with most advanced shredding pattern to clear and make free space on SD card. It allows users to remove the data from SD card permanently. More to this the tool overwrites your important information on SD card with garbage value such that no recovery software will be able to recover the original data.

Follow these steps to wipe SD card free space:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your PC and launch it. After launching the software select "Manage" option from main window. Select "Data Wipe" option from the second screen as shown in figure1.

Wipe SD Card Free Space - Select Data Wipe

Step 2: Select "Free Space Wipe" option from the third screen in order to wipe free space on SD card as shown in figure2.

Wipe SD Card Free Space - Select Free Space Wipe Option

Step 3: After select the SD card from where you want erase free space as shown in figure3.

Wipe SD Card Free Space - Select SD Card

Step 4: As soon as you select SD card the software will ask you to select the wiping method. Select the wiping method using radio button and click on "Proceed" button to start wiping process as shown in figure 3.

Wipe SD Card Free Space - Select Proceed

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